About Dr. Marcus Peter

    Dr. Marcus Peter spent many years as a militant atheist before encountering a life-changing conversion experience. He was with the Assemblies of God as a praise leader and itinerant preacher for two years. 

    Through a consistent and prayerful study of Scripture, the fathers, theology, philosophy, and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he found his way back to the Church and returned home in full communion in 2010. He has given tens of thousands of talks across the world on the Faith. 

    Dr. Peter has an undergraduate degree in Communications with minors in Marketing and Management. He studied philosophy and Alphonsian Spirituality in seminary, and received a master’s degree in systematic theology from Ave Maria University in 2018. Most recently, he holds a doctorate in biblical studies from Pontifex University and is constantly working on studying Scripture deeper.

    Dr. Peter’s goal in the apostolate is to bring the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church to the ends of the earth. He is the host of Unveiling the Covenants, a radio/tv program produced by Ave Maria Radio that explores the covenantal love of God the Father in the pages of Scripture.

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Dr. Marcus B. Peter is a Catholic Biblical theologian and evangelist who has spread the Gospel message across the world since 2008. Here, he posts meditations on the Sunday readings and writes about applying Biblical truths to daily life.


Dr. Marcus Benedict Peter is a Catholic biblical theologian, apologist, & preacher who has spoken & written prolifically worldwide since 2008. His work revolves around drawing souls deeper in love of Christ through Scripture & the covenants.